Soccer Coach Dad (x2)

I never thought I’d coach my kids soccer team. Sure, many other people assumed I would. I am just that kind of guy with my kids – the kind of person not as scared of putting himself out there and getting out of his comfort zone for his kids. Heck, sometimes just their very presence gives ME strength.

I got roped into coaching E’s team 2 years ago. An email came out saying a team had no volunteers and if someone was interested. My response back was “if absolutely necessary”. Next thing, I know I’ve got a team, a roster and practice plans. My emails asking for clarification went unanswered and that’s how I wound up co-coaching Team Force in 2019. Because I am who I am, I don’t do things like this lightly so I read all the rules and practice plans and made sure I knew the kids names and “scouted” who we were playing (I mean, checking WHO were were playing and when). It wound up being a lot more fun than I expected and we even got a CHAMPIONSHIP season out of it (that me and my girl had to miss because she got sick on the day of the last game).





Anyway, THIS season, I misread the layout and thought I’d be able to coach a single team for both kids. I couldn’t let my boy know that I coached his sister once and not him so I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone. I don’t know much about soccer so anything past age 8 and they would need a REAL coach. But I could do this.

Well,…turns out there is a 5-6 league and a 7-8 league so they were separate. But guess who got roped into coaching TWO teams?  And no assistant coach this time around. You got it!






The first games were today – 4 hours

on the pitch (hey, Ted Lasso taught me something!). It was Tennessee hot – Heat index of 99 at game’s end with barely any breeze. I was honestly nervous as all get out. COVID has kept me away from people and small talk and I was going to have to “perform” in front of 10 kids – and their watching parents.

(Oh, of course, my old friend major back pain had to make an appearance during the week also. I wasn’t able to run with the kids like I wanted to and it flared up a few times when celebrating with them after goals but I hope my kids learned a lesson in responsibility and commitment by seeing their dead ole dad out there – I  know Emerson knew how much pain I was in before getting to the ball fields)

As far as a first day, it went outstanding. We got two wins (but who’s counting) and the kids had a blast. My goofiness worked and everyone seemed to have an amazing time.  I’m excited to NOT have a game next week but ready to see them all again in 2 weeks.



Sports Dad (and my 2 new fans)


My daughter and I starred this thing a few years ago and it started getting official last season.

For the Tennessee Titans (our favorite NFL team), we do a weekly notebook entry. It’s got your basics – the final score, stickers with each teams logos and the week number. It was kinda a fun way to encourage her growing language and writing skills but it just became fun.

If you know me, you know that sports is one of the things I love most in this world. I used to play them a ton as a kid in the neighborhood and in video game form in college. I’ve cheered on the vols and Titans with a passion that borders on ivscene. I’ve cried when my team has lost and had whole weekends ruining.

It’s pretty awesome to have my oldest be into something I love. She doesn’t watch the games the same way I do – or even the whole game. But that she engages at all is pretty sweet.

Oh, and Lincoln totally gets in on the Williams Family touchdown celebration dance (no pictures, please)

Christmas 2020 Funny Kid Gift

I hate pickles…I don’t understand why they exist or people eat them (except the fried ones, especially at Toots).

My daughter loves pickles. She has to get like a hundred on her cheeseburgers. She does not understand why I don’t like them. This has been going on for YEARS. It’s just a fact at this point yet she’ll still try to fool me into eating one – nope, not gonna happen. The only thing worst than a pickle is an olive. YUCK!

So what does she get me for Christmas?

Pickle socks…

You should have seen the smile on her face. She was beaming from ear to ear.

Things to Never Forget

I have a 7 year old…that hasn’t quite fully sunk in. When people ask me my kids ages, I still start off with “6 year old girl and 4 year old boy”.

There are things that Emerson does that I will forget as the years pass by. Little quirks and character features that will probably go away as she gets older. But a few I want to hold onto forever. And here’s a few

1) She loves pinatas. Like is addicted. So much so that she got one for her Mom’s 40th birthday. But it was NOT for her mother
2) She loves jackets. What kid loves jackets? She has a gray one that is beyond filthy that she wears every day. Sometimes, it’ll be 75 degrees and she’ll walk out of school with it on.
3. Gum, mints – she’s like her dad and just wants something to taste at all times.

End of An Era – and the start of a new one

My little girl just finished 1st grade. I’m not sure it’s fully sunk in. Maybe because kindergarten didn’t really get to complete because of stupid COVID. Maybe because we just moved our entire life from our home of 7 years to an entirely new neighborhood in the past 6 weeks. Maybe I just don’t want to accept that she is growing up fast and the days are starting to FLY.

On top of that…my little guy just completed his last year of pre-K at the place where he has been for the last 5 years. Where a member of my family has been for the last 7 years. Next school year will be the first one where a kid is not at the school where Becky teachers. No running down for a quick hug or check in. No super small classroom size. No built-in familiarity.

I am so proud of these kids. They do things their own ways and in their own times but they are…simply amazing.