We are F-A-M-I-L-Y

My sister couldn’t wait any longer to see her niece again – and the feeling was mutual. Mom came down to make it a family reunion. All of us together in the same place for the first time since a brief hour or two at our baby shower in February. A lot has changed since then.

We all had an awesome time. Leon and Chuck came to up the testosterone count but the ladies still had us badly outnumbered. The weather was a bit crappy so it kinda ruined our proposed plans but we still got in an awesome brunch at Copper Kettle and lunch/dinner at Saffire. I am so ready for the next visit already!

The Godfather

Becky and I talked about who we wanted to help guide our daughter in her spiritual walk long before she was here. We are really big on the roles people play in our lives (and now our family) and making sure we make as informed a decision as possible.

For the Godfather, we couldn’t have picked anyone other than Tyler Henson. He has been a friend to me since 1999 (really) and has seen so many phases of my life – from the college kid who made ridiculously stupid decisions to a somewhat mature adult to the end of my bachelorhood into marriage and now fatherhood. He’s put up with more than his fair share of my BS and has stuck with me the entire way. We are in each other’s weddings and celebrate almost every major event together. Heck, we even get together every February for a group Hibachi dinner.  He is a true definition of friend.

ty and his goddaughter
I love thinking about him praying for our little girl and our daughters playing together in the future. She’s one lucky girl and we are two lucky parents.


I think it’s never too early to think about college for our little girl. The estimated cost of a 4 year degree is $442K. What? Really? How did I get out of school in 1998 with a 4 year degree that cost about $20K…and from a reputable Sun Belt conference school.


With that being said..Becky and I are hoping that we can use birthdays and Christmas as times to add on extra to her account. We have a TN Stars 529 account started for her already – Dad started this as soon as we got her SSN.
Thank you for your support!