My Train

My parents gave me everything they could growing up. (which became just my Mom as I had adolescence). I wanted for stuff like most kids did but I think I knew early on that nothing extraordinary was going to just be given if it wasn’t a necessity.

One thing I always wanted something special and that was just mine under the Christmas tree. I had forgotten about this until seeing my brother in laws at Thanksgiving this year. I looked around for one and had it in my Amazon cart until I thought we had spent to much already on the holiday and took it out…to be bought later (if ever).

All kinds of boxes show up at my house betwen October and December between Becky’s fall show and holiday packages. One big one came in and I hardly wanted to bring it inside with the other 3 that came in that day.

But what had my lvoely wife ordered me? But my very own POLAR EXPRESS train for the Christmas tree.

I love her 🙂

And I love it!