Becky and I have both gotten to experience a ton of firsts this year. But the sweetest of all is probably our first Mother’s Day and Father’s Day! Both are so great…I was happy to spoil Becky and she did so for me as well – though I would have been fine with a belt or tie and a nice card! Either way, we got to spend time together as a family and dote on our little one who made this all possible.

Mother’s Day

giordanos for mothers day
happy mothers day shirt (1)
Custom T-Shirt!
mom's little krispy kreme gift
Baby loves Krispy Kreme!
mother's day cookie cake (2)
Best Mom Cookie Cake

Mom woke up at the crack of dawn and was ready to PLAY! We got some coffee and donuts at Krispy Kreme (E wanted some too but we had to say no).  We had a bit of shopping to do so we checked out Walmart where Dad picked out a delicious cookie cake for Mom..and we got our daughter a new shirt (can’t leave the store nowadays without one). We actually went to 2 parks on Mother’s Day – Aspen Grove Park and Centennial Park.

Dad ordered Mom 2 deep dish pizzas from Giordano’s and surprised her with that. We decided to save them for the next week or two and enjoy some family time at home.

I think Mom had a great first Mother’s Day 🙂

Father’s Day

Daddy got up early after getting back in town from a wedding in California. He wanted to spend as much time as possible with his little one. Becky got up and made monkeybread for breakfast – yum, yum, yum!

We relaxed for a bit and took E to Bicentennial Park and walked around for a bit. It was so busy and full of people. We dipped E’s toes into the fountains where we took our post engagement pictures.

Later, we went to the Southern downtown for brunch. How yummy! You’ve gotta try their Chicken and Waffles!

To cap the night off, we had family time upstairs and watched the Spurs dispatch the Miami Heat.

I’m sure I missed a ton of other stuff that happened but that’s the best part – so many good things that I can’t even describe them all.
On Tuesday, we had this deliciousness below for dinner – oh yeah, Becky had 8 Italian beef sandwiches from one of my favorite all time restaurants in Chicago shipped in. We still have 4 left after last night so it looks like Father’s Day will keep going on.

Portillos - Italian Beef
Portillos – Italian Beef
Brunch at the Southern
Brunch at the Southern