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Lincoln Traits

There are some things about the kids that I know I will forget as time goes along, The brain can only hold onto so much information and the BIG things tend to take up the most space. There are just some small things that Lincoln does that just make me smile a bit.

  1. He started this a few months ago. When reading a book and turning the page (he turns the pages), he’ll take my finger and make sure that it’s pressed up against the book so the page doesn’t flip back. I never showed him this – it’s just something he picked up,
  2. I’ll admit it. I’m pretty wiped at the end of most days and can fall asleep if sitting still for too long. So during bedtime, if I do fall asleep – or even stop reading too long for his liking – he’ll give me 3 hard taps right on my daddy gut to make sure i’m paying attention. And he smiles so big knowing he’s done it.
  3. He wants to play outside EVERY SINGLE DAY WHEN WE GET HOME…and no matter how many times we say no, he tries to take a car or hot wheel out for just a litttttle spin.

Being Heard

Listening is a lost skill these days. We are often heard on social media or in written form. But face to face communication – I know I often fall victim to waiting for my next chance to talk instead of absorbing what someone is saying to me.

This takes on more meaning as a life long stutterer- really bad as a child to where I had to take speech classes and with varying degrees of difficulty as an adult. There have been many occasions where I haven’t been able to be heard…or I’ve had to change what I wanted to say. I don’t think non-stutterers will ever fully grasp the difficulty this can bring to one’s life (but there are MANY worse things)

With these smart devices, it’s a whole new world. We got out first Amazon Echo device around the time my daughter started talking so it wasn’t something any of us were used to. My son had a bit of a speaking delay but we had ‘Alexa’ in the house for his whole life. He has used the phrase “she not hearing me” so many times when he made a broken English request or was too far from the microphone.


The joy in his face the first time, “she” played the song he requested Man, priceless. ANd he said “yay, she hearing me”.


Yeah, buddy. We all do. Loud and clear. Love you!



The Story of “John Tonto”

I wonder sometimes what my kids will remember from this period of their lives. It’s been so much fun watching them experience new things and just show them the world. I don’t remember much (or anything) from when I was 2 1/2 or 4 1/2 years old…but I think there are probably some foundation pieces that are still in my subconscious.

Which brings me to “John Tonto”. I have been getting a lot of telemarketer calls lately for reasons I don’t know why and I wish would STOP. Let’s just say I’m not always the happiest to receive these calls and sometimes I let it be known.

One day while E and I were out running errands, I got such a call and I told the person to “lose my number and never call me again”. Since it’s out of my typical nature to talk that way in front of my kid (who I had almost forgotten was in the car), she, of course, inquired who I was talking to. Instead of explaining that it was a telemarketer, I made up a person. “John Tonto”.

I thought it’d be a one-time thing. Never talked about again.


It’s been almost 3 months and when the kids use their toy cell phones, they pretend that “John Tonto” is calling them and get upset and hang up on him. They make me pretend that he is calling me and get upset. Emerson has even got her brother in on the act.

Sample Interaction:

  • E: Dad, pretend someone is calling you..
  • D: OK (picks up pretend phone and holds it to ear)
  • E: Dad, who’s calling you?
  • D: John Tonto
  • E: Ugh. Tell him to stop calling you all the time! Grrrr
  • L: (something unintelligible but it sounds like mock anger)

I hope I never forget this memory of them….and that “JT” loses my number 🙂





The dedication of Lincoln Clay

I really wanted the title to be a play on the awesome album, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”. Anyway…

We couldn’t be happier of the dedication services for our little Linc. So much love, such a great church. Thank you to everyone who came into town for it or sent well wishes. He’s covered in love by those on Earth and those in heaven as well. What a lucky boy!

Thank you Charlie Weir and Gateway Church!

To Lincoln’s Godfather

Godparent Series – Kid #2

This was an easy one. It’s about my best friend for over 20 years. Man, has it been that long. I am the godfather to his firstborn son and he’s the godfather to mine. Even though he has to travel a lot for his job, he made the time away from his wife and kids to come visit us in Nashville  a few months and meet Lincoln (and give this dad some MUCH needed family getaway time).

Seeing how Travis has transformed into such a family man, lowered his temper, raised his game and become such an amazing father has been nothing short of amazing. He has helped make me a better man, shown me how to do things the right way and given me honest and solid feedback when I ask him for advice (and given me a love for trying to grow my own food). A best friend isn’t one who just blindly agrees – we all need some challenging. Check and check.

I love his family and he loves mine and we are pretty much brothers, probably closer than many real life ones. It’s amazing we have lasted 19 years (senior year at GHS) since living in the same city with maybe a visit or two a year to actually hang in person. The app Voxer has helped a lot along with social media and texting. It’s a challenge but we make it work.

There’s a thing about life-long friends. As you get older, you forget about some of the adventures you had. Travis made me a video for my 37th birthday and looking through them, I can’t believe all the life we have lived. I forgot even BEING in some of those places. It’s a beautiful life and an awesome friendship with him as my bro-pilot.
To my Cubs-loving, movie-watching, Memphis Tigers bball fan and fellow Germantown High School thespian, I love you…man. And my son is lucky to have you in his life.

He is here!

Meet my son, the 4th member of the Williams family!

LINCOLN CLAY WILLIAMS. A little longer than his sister and a little more trim but a perfect fit for the 3 of us!