TPAC 2014-15

It’s the evening of our last TPAC show under our season pass. Yes, we are THOSE people. There were some great shows this year and we love supporting live theater. Thanks to everyone who watched Emerson so we could have some couple time together and enjoy the arts!

The surprising thing about this year is that the shows that I thought I would love I would up being disappointed in and vice versa.

Here is my rank in order of preference (Newsies is tonight so I can’t rank that one yet)

Book of Mormon
Kinky Boots

Joseph we missed due to the great ice storm of 2015 and Camelot we gifted to some much loved friends.

Update: Newsies was AMAZING! Second best show of the year!!!


Daycare Year 1 – COMPLETED!

We officially made it through one year of daycare!

Becky missed 12 days this year. I’m not sure how many days I missed or left early/went in late What an adventure this year has been!

Thanks to Ann and Richele and Megan and all the other students at the eagles nest who loved on our little girl when we couldn’t. They truly are special people.

Let the summer fun begin!

1st Birthday celebration at daycare
1st Birthday celebration at daycare
with the daycare ladies
Miss Ann and Miss Richele

Emerson’s Dedication – Gateway Church

Becky and I decided to have Emerson dedicated at Church this past Sunday – which was also Mother’s Day.

We have grown quite found of Gateway Church. The pastor is the father of one of Becky’s students and a lot of people we know in the community go there. We have a harder time that others finding a church we both like since I was raised Baptist and Becky Lutheran. We really just wanted a church that we could grow with and raise a family in.

The Christmas pageant last year was kinda the deciding factor. The church was just full of so much caring and heart – and it all felt REAL.

Anyway, Emerson’s godfather (Tyler) and godmother (Lindsey) were able to stand beside us in front of the church as we all pledged to take care of Emerson’s spiritual self. Emerson, of course, had no idea what was going on and insisted on being passed back and forth from Mom to Dad several times.

All in all, we  had a fantastic start to Mother’s Day 2015. It won’t soon be forgotten.