Just a few more minutes…

Some mornings I just really want a few more minutes of sleep…or to just lie in bed as E starts to stir. Normally, once she is up, it’s ‘GO’ time.

But every now and then, she will roll around in her crib, turn her music on and fall back asleep. It may just be 5 minutes or , on the rare occasion, 30, but daddy will take it. <3

The Williams Family Christmas – Thompsons Station 2015

The holidays with a baby definitely make travel…interesting. Whereas Christmas 2012, we visited 3 different states in the month of December, we are lucky to leave our zip code now. So seeing everyone we love definitely becomes more challenging!

We were lucky to have all of the Williams’ under one roof this past weekend. We had a great dinner courtesy of Honeybaked Ham (and Becky) and some awesome gift exchanging. We were able to catch the tail-end of Trees and Trucks at Gateway church and their EXCELLENT children’s show on Sunday. Besides that it was FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL (college and pros). And lots of time marveling and corralling Emerson!

Emerson and the Xmas tree (2015) Emerson and Santa (5) Becky and Santa (1) Williams family with Gateway Santa (1) Early Xmas Dinner in Spring Hill (1) Early Xmas Dinner in Spring Hill (2) ring around the rosie with gigi and keek (1) feet under the blinds
I am so thankful to have had my mom, sister, stepdad and new brother-in-law visit. We all are the happier for it!!! And Emerson napped like a champ on Sunday so she definitely ran off some extra energy!