From a Dad – Remember when…

There are some things that happen now that I never would have imagined as a single man or even a non-parent. I thought I’d start a little list here and maybe update it over the years as E gives me more and more to laugh about.

I hope this strikes a chord with some other parents out there

  •  Nap time is cool again – for parents
  • Bathroom door locks are a good thing
  • Doors must be opened very slowly
  • Gates are your friend
  • Two parents are much better than one…heck, three might even be allowable!
  • Getting up at 6:30 in the morning was EARLY
  • You could go to the bathroom by yourself
  • You got to listen to YOUR music in the car
  • Walks in the parks didn’t require a stroller and a snails pace
  • You could exercise?
  • You were able to leave home with just your stuff
  • Overnight trips didn’t require 7 pieces of luggage
  • You could use your own cell phone without a tiny pair of hands all over it
  • You finished a conversation
  • After bedtime, the house didn’t become like a library (shhhhh)
  • TV shows weren’t all animated


Goodbye and Hello

This note goes out to my 2003 Honda Accord. 240,000 miles was all she could handle…..

Goodbye, my old friend. We spent 12 good years together and you were a good car. You brought my daughter home to her new house and my wife home to my existing one. You spent time in the garage and in the drive way. We totally OWNED I-65, I-40 and I-24 and we had some awesome road trips.

last pic as an accord owner

You’ve given me so much..and I’ve given you a lot ($$$) recently. Thank you for being my trusty friend all the years. You never left me once stranded. I hope you’re good for your next owner…

Hellooooo.Nissan Altima…..

the new nissan altima