A kid’s eyes…

There’s something fascinating about seeing the world through a kid’s eyes. Every morning on the way to daycare, we pass by a field with cows and horses in it. For the past few months as E’s vocabulary and language have exploded, she almost always yells out “moooo” or “nay nay”. Today, I took real notice of it and just wanted to pull over to the side of the road and let her enjoy it.

Sometimes us adults get so busy and look at where we are going that we don’t appreciate where we are. I am really, really bad at this myself sometimes. It’s so funny how we go to zoos and farms as kids, stop going in our teen years and early adulthood but return when we have kids of our own.

So today, take a little time out of your day and smell the roses…or at least take out your earphones to listen to the world.

E at the jellystone petting zoo (1) family pic at gentry's farm gentry's farm 2015 (2) E checking out the goats (1) Emerson feeding the giraffe emerson and giraffe at the zoo entrance

Birthday Party Pics for E

We had Emerson’s birthday party a week after her actual birthday since she was a flower girl at a wedding for a good friend of ours on her actual birthday. We hope everyone who was there had a great time – sorry that we had brain farts and forgot to give out all of the favor bags.

We had guests from as far away as Atlanta and Memphis to celebrate our little Minion. Can’t believe we are already closer to her being 25 months old than 24.

Love you all and thanks for loving our little family.

emerson and her godma at her princess party E sharing the wagon with the smith girls emerson and aubrey - cupcake wars gigi and the birthday girl - 2 present time for emerson (3) our little cupcake eater aubrey and emerson playing (4) mmm minion cupcakes pretzel minions fruit minion happy birthday girl - thanks toys r us

My little two-year old!

It’s still weird to say that e is 2. Finally 2. We went from 18 months to 20 months and now we can drop the ‘almost’.

Thanks for making me a daddy and giving me the best 730 days, 104 weeks or 2 years of my life. You are spunky, sweet, creative, curious, reckless and smart beyond words. I love you little girl!

We are going to celebrate you like crazy this weekend!!!E gathering all her minions (3) 2nd birthday cupcakes! birthday donut! (1) happy birthday from chuck e cheese