Baby’s First Holiday – Easter 2014

We spent Easter 2014 at home. We were lucky enough to get Emerson’s newborn pics back just in time to enjoy them for the weekend – including one special shot of her in her Easter basket. Man, I love that kid. Thank you Aaron Yung Photography!

IMG_3376-3189311110-O (Large)

We took E to the Easter Bunny at Cool Springs Mall for her first visit. She slept the whole time and we got a good pic.

daddy, emerson and the easter bunny

We shared an awesome Easter lunch with the Wakefield family – it was great having time to fellowship and enjoy some good food with our friends.

All in all, a successful first holiday weekend for our sweet girl. We are hoping to spend future ones with our family and friends.




First Week!

We just finished our first week at home as a family of 3. We have loved our visitors – Aunts Chrissy, Laura and Keshia. We have started to find our schedule and are just loving having Emerson in our lives. She is a blessing and a beauty.

We had our first pediatrician appointment AND post-delivery followup. My lovely ladies are all looking great!

keshia and emerson
Aunt Keshia
emerson and the ladies of paschall, md
The lovely ladies at Dr. Paschall’s office

my future preacher (1) house decorations from the girls (1) house decorations from the girls (2)

On another note…some wonderful and amazing people started a dinner caravan for us. So instead of another Papa John’s order or Chili’s takeout, we have had some delicious homemade meals…meals made with love. Oh, and people got to hang out with E too so I guess they got something out of it too.

Emerson Honor Williams – 4/2/2014

the observation room

There are no words in the English (or anything other language probably) to describe what it feels like to hear your daughter for the first time. I heard her before I saw her and was instantly in love, intoxicated and overtaken with emotion. This being that had been talked about, hoped for, showered with attention and discussed at great lengths was here. As I watched the nurses and hospital team, clean her and check her vitals, everything seemed so serene-even with all that was going on. Mom was OK, baby was OK. Measurements were all good…This little girl, this angel had made it into our family at long last.

I am partial but she is a beauty. A sight to behold. I don’t know how any part of me became a part of her. Her hair, fingers, toes, lips, nose, legs, arms, eyes, smile, farts, face…all perfect and as God intended. She is already bathed in God’s love-we just have to keep giving her refresher courses. Our wedding official, Mike Wakefield, has already started us on that journey. I have a feeling her ‘Aunt” Lindsey will lend a helping hand there as well.It’s been an incredible 3 year journey of self discovery and planning to get to this point. I am so glad to be married to my ONE and to share this with her. I honestly have no idea how single moms or single dads do it..and I am sad that as they do it, there’s not someone else to share everything with.

There has not been a single minute yet where I would have wanted things to go any differently. She wanted to be here so she came…11 days early.  She is now 2 and a half days old. She has met her grandmother who is about as excited as she was after our epic, mother/son dance at our wedding. Her Pop-Pop will keep her laughing for years to come with his stories and quick wit. Her aunties have been nothing less than stellar.

Well….that’s all. Thanks for reading this. And thanks for your support yesterday, today, and for all of the tomorrows.