I turned 35 last week. I can’t believe how fast my 30s have gone…especially this last year. So much has changed in this last year especially.

It was a weird week. Becky and Emerson were out of school all week due to the snow, ice and sleet and I worked from home Monday – Wednesday. We were pretty much stuck at home after a fun dinner out on Sunday at Famous Dave’s (thank you birthday coupons!).

So when Friday came and the forecast called for more snow in the afternoon and right in the middle of rush hour, the day started off cautiously. I was able to get out of work about 3 PM when the first snowflake hit and made it home in time to play with Emerson in the snow (see the pic). Becky and Emerson made it a special day…and week. Becky made me sweet love notes out of candy boxes and surprised me with balloons and a delicious carrot cake at the house. All I wanted was time with my girls and I got just that.

We went out on Saturday for a special dinner at Texas de Brazil. Meat coma and so delicious!

E the snow princess 35th birthday treat bag goobers and dots
Thanks to everyone for the Facebook messages, voicemails, text, tweets and calls. I am a lucky guy!


Oh and check out how good we look on our Valentine’s date night…..if you want to hear a fun story, just ask!

valentine's dates at mere bulles (5)

Thank God for the DVR…

I’m a serial TV watcher. When I watch a show, I watch every episode the week it airs (normally within the first night or two). I’ve been this way since college and I can’t explain it. I even watched the last 3 seasons of Smallville…when Lex Luthor was gone from the show and the bad guy was his DNA. Yep, that really happened….

And then came Emerson….we are weeks behind on New Girl and Modern Family. Scandal is the only show we really keep up with and it’s normally viewed by us on Saturday. I’m not even sure I know what day it comes on anymore.

And thank you Facebook for ruining a Walking Dead spoiler for me…


I am working from home today while the snow and sleet continue to form outside. I just love hearing Becky talk to Emerson. When she gets into something she’s not supposed to, Becky will just say “no ma’am”.

I have always loved the politeness of sir and ma’am. I remember my cousin David would enforce it with his kids. I’m not sure we will do the same but manners go a long way in this world….as much as things change, that’s one thing that hasn’t.

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