Father’s Day III

I may have said this last year but that was 365 long days ago. Father’s Day to me is a celebration of my daughter, of the wonderful gift of live that she is and the wonderfulness that she has brought to my life. To the friendships she has made stronger and the family who have made much more frequent visits to Nashville. I am just lucky that God decided that I got to be her Dad.

Becky has made a theme out of getting me something “super” related for each of these last 3 Father’s Days. This year was a wall print mentioning how I am E’s superhero. One year, it was a Superman shirt that replaced “Man” with “Dad”. Being a Dad is not easy work…but it’s pretty natural for me. I have loved her from the first second I heard her cry (and a few months even before that) and I love her every night before and after she goes to sleep. That’s not to say it doesn’t make me want to pull my hair out when she ignores my request for the 50th time or she insists on jumping on the furniture. If someone, anyone, thinks that I am “super” in any fashion as a parent, I guess that’s good enough for me. It’s as simple as this – I love and I am loved.

As for the day itself, our church had a food truck event and I got some free Chicago italian beef (after a great sermon) We went to a little carnival at the mall and rode merry go-rounds and cars. Lastly, we checked out a new bbq chicken place in town and they even had Koolaid in mason jars. Awesome find!

merry go round selfies (2) post church on the lawn (2)

Next month…

It seems like the wait for Baby #2 has been going on forever. We can finally say that next month, July 2016, our son will be here. (Well, I guess there’s a chance it could be June but let’s hope not :)).

Family of Four

Dad of Two

Mom of Two

Big Sister


It’s just right around the corner! XOXO