The calendar of life flipped today and I went from a certain age to a certain age that might equal 4 x 10. I have not necessarily been looking forward to this day – being the center of attention isn’t really my thing anymore and it’s just such a BIG milestone. I’ve accomplished more with my life than I ever could have imagined sitting in my bedroom at Hallshire Driver. I have had more joyous moments and laughter than I probably deserve and memories to last a lifetime if I stopped making them today.

My wife and kids always make everything so special. Just that they exist in this world…and that they love. They LOVE and have such beautiful hearts. I may be the head of household and the wearer of the pants and the spiritual leader but they fill me with such…peace. Peace isn’t probably a strong enough word. They fill my cup…my days, my nights, my life. I always said jokingly that I wanted to have kids so someone would finish a game of Monopoly with me (because they;d have to). I’m not everyone’s cup of tea but I am theirs and they are mine. I am loved and I can give love.

So back to 40…I love numbers and I take things in chunks. 10 years ago…I was unmarried and had no kids. Engagement was a thought on my mind but I couldn’t have imagined having kids as cool and unique as E and L. And now I have a KINDERGARTENER who is smart as a whip.

Thankful…and blessed….

-Brian W

Around the House

Sometimes I try to decipher what Emerson’s kindergarten lessons must be some days. She came home today and wanted to write down words she saw naturally around the house. And I had to do it with her.

The words we found are above (mine is the less messy writing :)). What stuck with me…is how many positive words we have around the house.

Surround yourself with what you want….

“Just the Two of Us”

This is mine and Lincoln’s current bedtime jam. In the most softest of voices (and when he doesn’t want to go to bed when I want him to), he’ll mumble “Can you play ‘Just the Two of Us?’. How can I resist this?

It’s the only song in my Will Smith category so it will play over and over again. BUT close to the end of the first play, Lincoln will look up at me with these big eyes and just smile.  And then he’ll immediately tell me that the song is over and climb into his bed.

It’s one of my very favorite things and something I want to always remember from this period of time.

My Train

My parents gave me everything they could growing up. (which became just my Mom as I had adolescence). I wanted for stuff like most kids did but I think I knew early on that nothing extraordinary was going to just be given if it wasn’t a necessity.

One thing I always wanted something special and that was just mine under the Christmas tree. I had forgotten about this until seeing my brother in laws at Thanksgiving this year. I looked around for one and had it in my Amazon cart until I thought we had spent to much already on the holiday and took it out…to be bought later (if ever).

All kinds of boxes show up at my house betwen October and December between Becky’s fall show and holiday packages. One big one came in and I hardly wanted to bring it inside with the other 3 that came in that day.

But what had my lvoely wife ordered me? But my very own POLAR EXPRESS train for the Christmas tree.

I love her 🙂

And I love it!

Too Soon…

Lowe’s…I love you but…you have betrayed me. There should be a law that you can’t display anything Christmas related when it’s 90+ degrees outside.

#tennesee #90sinseptember

My Boy is 3!

Happy 3rd birthday to my son, LCW. You are going to go far in this world. Daddy loves you.

My favorite 3 things about you

1.Your poses and expressions – hand on face, making chewing faces with your tongue, etc

2. Your gentle and soft voice

3. How rambunctious you are getting (i think you may actually believe you can knock me over when we rough house)