Things Emerson Says..

This kid….man….

Her vocabulary is amazing but sometimes her synonyms for things just crack me up.


This is called “wash spit” in our house….pretty appropriate for its actual usage, right?

My Smart Girl

I am obviously biased but I think my E is pretty smart. Not Nobel Prize or braniac super smart. But there are sometimes she’ll say something that I didn’t think she’d be able to comprehend or had no idea where she would have learned it where I just stop and we had the following conversation.

Daddy: How do you know that?

E: Cause I’m smart
The thing is. She says it with such authority and with no pause. I love her confidence. I wonder if that’s something she made up on her own, got from a show or has heard from a daycare teacher, babysitter, gymnastics coach or dance instructor? Or something she had picked up from hearing Becky and I talk about her.
Kid, you are smart…and don’t you ever forget it.

July 2018 Pics

Just a post with some pictures….

Happy Birthday Linc!


The Williams Four hanging at the train in downtown Thompson’s Station (photo credit to my awesome sister!)

Columbia Morning – way too hot but we got an awesome pic at Riverwalk Park



I fell in love with all things “Hamilton” in February of 2017. My mom asked me to download the mixtape for her, I gave it a listen and I was hooked. I segued to the original soundtrack a few days later and it’s been in rotation on my iPhone and car for the last 18 months.

I was on Facebook earlier this year and I saw an event for a Hamilton showing in Atlanta. I playfully said “going” and put up a witty (I thought) little post about seeing it. I had no idea it would turn out to be true.

Fast forward to May…I decided to just do it. IF things aligned..

I called my sister to see if she would be willing to watch the kids. Check!

I asked Becky if she wanted to go and if we had the weekend free. Check!

We looked to see if tickets were available at a price that wouldn’t cause us not to send the kids to college. Semi-check!


The show was amazing beyond words…so I won’t even try to provide any. All I can say is – if given the chance, check this out. History is amazing…and we must respect it and learn from it.