Plans??!? With a baby?!?

One thing I have learned about parenting is how plans can fall apart so quickly. It’s almost better to have no plan at all sometimes.

A baby with a fever that has to be sent home from day care AND must then stay home the next day = finding a sitter on really short notice…or taking a day off from work on REALLY short notice. And what do parents do when a snow day is called and their kids can’t stay home by themselves yet? Which parent takes off?

Baby didn’t nap for the day and realllly needs one…well, cancel that coffee with a friend in the late afternoon and put that kid to sleep!

Guys night out at the movies and baby had a not so good day – better get that movie on Netflix in a few months!

I get envious of my friends who have family that live in the same town as them from time to time. It must be nice to be able to lean on a loving grandparent who lives a few streets away. Granted, they probably still have jobs too but anyway to spread the support must help out. I have never wanted to move back to Memphis (nor Becky to Michigan) but this, in addition to wanting E to be around more family as she grows up, has put the very notion on the table. It’s still a .000001 change but that’s more than it ever has been.

Some days…

After a Monday morning of a way too early wake up call from E, playing her new favorite game of being chased around on the floor and some teething inducted crying, this picture is what I got to enjoy for 15 minutes before heading off to work.

Daddy snuggles
Daddy snuggles

Parenting. Fatherhood. It’s all worth it.

PS. Did I mention she of course found our new mop and decided to chew on it too? Nothing below 4 feet fall is safe!

Bye Bye 2014…..

I’ve always had issues with the end of the year. While it’s a very happy time with family and friends and celebrations galore, it also means you have to start over again…and there are no more paid holidays off work until Easter (MLK day if I’m working for a good company). Oh yeah, and I hate, hate, hate the time change that makes me not able to see the sun for 3 months of the year. Thanks to whoever started that…but I digress

Plus the past few years have been some of the best ever and harder to “top”. I’ll do a brief review

2010. I was training for my first 10K to (secretly) propose to Becky
2011. We were wedding planning like crazy.
2012. (probably the lowest on the totem pole) We were discussing whether it was the right time for me to go back to grad school
2013. We were awaiting Emerson’s arrival!!!!!!!

I’m sure 2015 will be great but man, this year has soooo many Kodak moments.


Emerson in January 2014
Emerson in January 2014