We had so much fun with our little one during her first Halloween. She had a ton of fun shirts to wear so she was wearing cute outfits almost the entire month of October.

our little first halloween pumpkin girl mommy's little pumpkin good morning world - halloween decked out
We went to Bass Pro Shops where they had a fun Halloween layout and got some awesome pictures made.

halloween at bass pro halloween at bass pro (3) halloween at bass pro (2)

We spent the actual evening at some of our best friend’s house (the Kirkendalls) and trick-or-treated with them. It was the coldest day of the year (at least to that point) so we couldn’t stay out long but we still scored some goodies!

me and my little monster mom and halloween monster trick or treating crew halloween monster (2) trick or treating with the kirkendalls (1) trick or treating with the kirkendalls (3)

Best Days

I haven’t posted here, yet. I keep thinking I should. I love writing, I love blogs and I adore our baby. So, here it is … my inaugural post.

The best days of my life …

April 16, 2011 – the day my love asked me to marry him

March 31, 2012 – our wedding day

August 19, 2013 – the day I found out I was pregnant

April 2, 2014 – the day our baby girl joined this world

When I was a little girl, I dreamt of my wedding and I prayed for babies. Yup, as early as 5 years old, I pranced around a shed praying for a baby girl (we’ll save that story for later). And at 13 years old I wrote a letter to my future husband (he still hasn’t received it as I’m sure it’s buried in boxes of memories).

And, here I am on November 12, 2014 … married and with a baby.

There are days I look at Brian and can’t believe he’s promised to love me forever. He is my husband. We had a magical wedding surrounded by people we love dearly. We are married – hand in hand for the rest of our lives.

And, it’s been over 450 days since I found out I was carrying my sweet Baby E. I look at her sweet face every day and am overwhelmed that I’m her mama. She is my little dream, my life changer, my joy, my world. When did I go from being a little girl to a woman with a little girl?

Life is flying by but it’s doing so in the most beautiful way.