Chronicles of a Working from Home Dad – Thompsons Station Edition

I have been lucky for much of the last 3 years to be able to work from home in some capacity. It’s been a great experience since I get to spend additional time with my daughter – and now infant son – that I would have spent with various people on I-40 and I-65. I probably get another 5 hours of valuable time with my family because of this. Granted, it gets difficult sometimes during the summer months or school/daycare breaks when the kids are home but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

The one thing I don’t do though is actually work from home. Some days I Just need more coffee than I feel like brewing on the Keurig. Some days, I need to be in an area of town where going home after daycare drop-offs and obligations doesn’t make sense. Because of this, the people at Panera Bread in Franklin and Cool Springs probably know my simple order of a small coffee and a bagel with butter before I even walk in. I tend to avoid Starbucks just due to the noisiness and people I know who I might run into there. I have a guaranteed two to three days a week at home for the remainder of 2016 and am going to be trying out a few new spots which I’ll detail here.

Today, Friday, October 14th, 2016
Honest Coffee Roasters in the Factory
Great coffee! Busy environment! I DO enjoy people watching and there is a LOT to do here. I was told of this place by a good family friend and it didn’t disappoint. The coffee is good and beautiful….although I feel a little intimidated to ask too many questions being a newbie (are there free refills? what do you recommend? what makes your coffee different?). The coffee looks kinda like what you would get Fido’s.

It was really busy this morning and made me wonder if anyone in Franklin actually WORKS on Fridays. I saw the typical soccer moms and tourists but the traffic flow at 9:45 was a bit surprising.  People there seemed to know each other which speaks to a lot of repeat customers (a plus in my book).

As for the work setup…it’s not bad. There looks to be one or two charging stations (whose tables are taken and held on to tightly) and a long bench type table where about 8 people can work. Comfortable height and environment to work with a laptop, mouse and a  giant cup of coffee.

Will return = YES. IT looks like you can also work in some of the bench seats in the Factory too so I might have to try that out one day.