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Daddy’s Little Ballplayer – Volume #1

We signed the kids up for their first season of baseball this summer (I didn’t realize how much that would fill up the calendar!). I figured it was a safe enough sport during this crazy pandemic world we still live in and that my boy needed to at least have one season of baseball/tball under his belt. And when my daughter found out her best friend was playing, she decided to join in too.

As for Lincoln, he’s been known to have an outburst or two when things don’t go his way. I’ve seen 4 year old tantrums before; I’d put his up against anyone’s. When we would just play around in the yard and he would make an out, he’d run crying and screaming to the front porch or the edge of the yard and just sulk or cry huge tears. I fully expected him to do this when we started a league (his first scrimmage is next week so that will be in Volume 2 :))

Emerson had her first scrimmage tonight – Tuesday, May 18th, 2021. I didn’t have anything else to do so I helped out and coached third base. There was such a buzz around the field – kids, parents, siblings, the bright lights for the 7:10 start time. The kids did a great job getting all their equipment together and gathering in the dugout. They (mostly) paid attention in the field and listened to their coaches.

Watching your kid go up to bat is…something. I kept waiting to see where she was in the batting order and wondered how she would do. Nervous, jittery, anxious…all those words applied to ME. I think she was okay the whole time. She got up for her first plate appearance in the 2nd inning and there were 2 men on and 2 out. She took 2 pretty good swings (and 1 not so good) and struck out to end the inning. She didn’t make contact with the ball. She took it like a champ, got some encouragement from her coach, grabbed her glove and headed out to play the field. She wasn’t the first strikeout and she wouldn’t be the last.

Her 2nd at-bat came a bit later. She got to an 0-2 count and then barely fouled off what would have been Strike 3. I was getting a bit nervous and honestly, expected another strike out. But she took a swing and made contact! The ball didn’t make it back to the pitcher but it didn’t matter. She paused for what felt like forever before dropping the bat and taking off for first. I had a runner coming to me for 3rd base coaching that I needed to handle but she made it to FIRST. Her first hit in her first scrimmage! I couldn’t have smiled bigger!

She made it to 2nd base on her teammates next hit and was heading for 3rd when the last out of the inning was made. She told me later on she wanted to get to third so she could spend some more time with me (what a kid).

She started in the field at catcher and did a pretty decent job. She was able to dribble the ball back to the pitcher and she fell down once trying to grab a ball on the move but she shook it off well. She fielded a ball in the outfield and threw it back into the infield (“fielding” and “throwing” in the loosest sense of the word but hey, we know what to practice on now). She also had a few balls squeak past her in her various positions in the field but we’ll be working on anticipating where the ball is going too but hey, she’s only SEVEN and it was her first live action.

I am so so so proud of this girl – if you can’t tell from my writing. I honestly thought she might want to give in when she found out her and her best friend weren’t on the same team – and that would have been



Stories to Remember

For some reason, Emerson loves the story of how we initially thought out firstborn was going to be a boy and wound up being (surprise, surprise) a girl. Her.

I don’t know why she likes this story but she asks me to tell it at least once a month. Maybe I’m a better storyteller than I thought? Maybe my motions are funny to her? Maybe she likes showing me that I was WRONG and being a girl-Dad has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Kid Sayings – #2,347

I am very, VERY behind on this.

  • When a show they are watching is split into 2 parts – “Dad, it comes with two”
  • “Oh, you baby you old people” or “Oh, you baby you young people?” (if you know us, you’ll get a laugh out of this :))

Love these two…so so so very much!

Once upon a Time…

One thing I have very little doubt about is my parenting. I am the right Dad for these kids and they are the right children for me to raise. (some days and moments are obviously harder than others – make no mistake about that).

There is one day in particular that has stuck in my head for years. It’s come up a few times since as we have been the recipient of other people’s decisions. It is in super focus now as we are about to begin a school year (hopefully) with a pandemic going on.

I have forgotten a few of the finer details but it all boils down to – one day when E was about 3 years old, she had a fever. I forget if it was a small one the night before or just popped up the morning of but it went between a 99 and 101. (100 is the “stay away” temp for daycare attendance). Becky and I sent her to school in the morning and hoped she would make it through the day.

She did NOT. I think we got a call to get her before lunch and we had to pick her up and take her home for the day.

So in the grand scheme of things, not a big deal, right? Irresponsible of us…yes. I’ll admit it. What’s funny is that whatever work we thought was SO important and needed to get done that day…didn’t get done when we got the call that we had to pick her up. We could have gotten a teacher or another student sick with what she had and possibly effected their family. And we know our kid…she has never been a “get a quick fever and recover girl”. She is of the multi-day type.  Bad call on our part. And if I remember correctly – it wasn’t like I had a big deadline that day or Becky was in show dress rehearsals or something. And we both had enough PTO in our bank to blow a day. 

All that to say…man, what parenting shows you about the importance of work and everything else. I promise not to send my kid to school this upcoming school year with anything resembling a cold or even a behavior out of the ordinary. This year…one rash decision could be devastating.

Emerson sayings (age 6)

First…so strange to have a SIX year old. Where has the time gone? She’s understanding the world so much – and in such different ways than us old folks see it.

Here’s a few gems of late

“The older I get, the more interesting I get” (i think she meant to say intereted)

We see a girl who is in a wheelchair
Dad: What do you think about that?
E: I wish I could be in that wheelchair

“Can you volume it up/down” – Turn the volume up or down on the TV.

“I’m getting into new stuff. I think I know wat’s happening”

“He could get it” – singing a line from Mom’s past musical “Bring It On” – Dad does NOT approve

“I think i’m getting out of LOLs and into mermaids and magazines”

“I like to recycle” – this is what she calls using the backspace key on words when she writes in Notepad.

Sparkle Lucy Williams

We are officially a pet family (no, I will never call us a family of 5). Sparkle is Emerson’s first pet, a Galaxy Koi Male fish. We got her for her upcoming 6th birthday and kinda sped up the timeline a bit with this extended now 3 week spring break thanks to COVID-19.

Seeing her face light up when she first saw it…priceless. She was jumping up and down and had to share him with Lincoln. She called me  “the best daddy”. About the best reaction I could have asked for. She’s already checked on him before her own bedtime and gave him his first meal of pellets. I’m going to get her a little magnifying glass because even with her head pressed up against the glass, she can’t “see him close enough” 🙂 

Side note: thank god for all the technology in the world today. I can set Alexa to remind me to change the water and  feed the dang thing.

Welcome to the family, Sparkle!

The Bird is the Word

I’ve been trying to explore our little town more lately with the kids. There are so many small things we drive by every day that are probably fascinating them but we just pass by as adults. Linc has been into vehicles for the past 2 years and Emerson noticed the traintracks through the trees on our way back from soccer camp EVERY day the week before. There are train tracks in Thompsons Station right by a local restaurant called Circa so one evening before sundown, that was my chosen adventure.

I chose well! They loved walking on the tracks (which I am not 100% sure are inactive) and there is an old train model that you can climb onto (and down and back on and down as they had me do). I had to include a little bit of safety like what to do if the signal DID come down and we got a few practice rounds in (also, Mom was NOT present for this adventure as she probably wouldn’t have approved and I only told her about AFTER we were home safe and sound).  Anyway, the kids probably did a 1/2 mile walk on and around the tracks each direction. That’s an eternity for kid attention span in my house.

I’d be remiss to skip past the subject of this story. There was what I assume was a family of birds by the tracks – a mom and two of the smallest birds I’d ever seen. The kids were not TRYING to torture ther birds but they have always wanted to catch a bird and hold it. I do not know the reason but no bird has been willing so far. I wonder why…One of the baby birds was a few feet away from the kids on the rocks by the track when the kids decided to chase after it. I was nearby when the little baby bird was running, lost its balance and toppled over. And then was still. Completley still. Had my kids inadvertently caused this bird’s death? Had it small little neck and bones broken by falling just right onto the rocks? The bird was still still. And I swear the momma bird a few yards away was singing a tune trying to call her baby. And my kids had killed it…The bird was still and the kids thought it was sleeping. “Yes”, i said. They tried to get closer but I used my “Dad” voice to keep them back and then prodded them back behind this little area behind a vehicle. I don’t know what I expected to see.

The momma bird coming over and seeing that her baby was dead and doing detective work and having a vendetta against my family forever?

We sat and watched for a few minutes as the kids sang lullabies to the sleeping bird. Eventually, I got them distracted by something else and we walked the other direction. Then, Emerson remembered the bird and we turned around. The bird was gone. Gone! It had been playing dead after falling (didn’t know they did that). I did not see the bird again (the reunion with the family must have been AWESOME and I bet he/she chirped out the entire ordeal).

So crisis averted…we wont’ be having a remake of “The Birds” at my house anytime soon.


Silly Songs…

Or maybe not so silly. After a tiring day on top of a tiring week, I was trying to catch some of Game 6 of the Finals while the kids did everything in their power not to let that happen. All of the sudden my daughter (in full on princess dress) goes off on this 20 minute original song that went something like this…

“Never gonna stop showing you what I have”

“Never gonna stop doing what I love”


Emerson – 1, NBA game – 0.  Super proud of her originality but especially her spirt. You’ve got so much to show the world, girl!

Computer Skills

I have been struggling with teacher computer skills to my daughter (the newly turned 5 year old). I just couldn’t explain what a mouse did and how to move it and how to click and…and…and. (also, the keyboard layout makes NO sense to a toddler. Why isn’t a besides b???)

Anyway, one day I was giving L a bath, while E stayed upstairs. What I came back to was…she had opened Paint (and a few other programs and drawn this).

Maybe she doesn’t need my lessons so much after all…