Happy Holidays – 2014 Edition

I’m not sure I love anything on this planet as much as Becky loves Christmas. I think the world would be a much better place if we all did. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of it too because it means a couple of paid days off work and time with family and friends. But her love for it goes beyond that. She starts prepping for it in November and planning our family dinner (hey, that works great for me).  Steak? Yes PLEASE!

Anywho, here are some pics from Christmas 2014 – Emerson’s first and our third as a married couple.  Time flies when you are having fun…and it zooms when you are having fun with a baby!


Hope to see you all soon!

Turkey Day 2014

It just worked out this year that the Williams’ spent their first Thanksgiving in Nashville in 2014 (the extended family all had alternate plans and mismatched schedules)! Becky planned and made a fantastic feast while Daddy and E played. The food was delicious (as have been the 5 days worth of leftovers!) We watched tons of football and loved just hanging out together!

thanksgiving dinner 2014 - YUMMMY! (1) E's first thanksgiving (4) thanksgiving day care fun activities for our girl (1) thanksgiving dessert with the spenglers

We we capped the day off with dessert at some much loved friends’ house – The Spengler/Bradshaw crew! We spent the rest of the weekend relaxing, running errands around town and gearing up for the next holiday to come – CHRISTMAS. We were both sad to see Sunday afternoon come as it means the end of the 4 day weekend.