What a fantastic trip. The kids all found something they loved and we got to spend quality time together. Win, win, win, win, WIN!

Cheesesteaks – check

Hershey Park fun with friends – check

Downtown Philadelphia exploring – check

Happy and tired family every day – check

Rocky Steps – check


He loved seeing all the stadiums
On the Jersey Boardwalk
With our buds at Hershey Park
Mom and her pups at the cool downtown Philly artwork
Linc on the carousel
Dad with wings
Big girl E amongst the flowers
A whole lotta Lincoln’s
Mom and the kids in Jersey
Dad and his boy by the water
Me and E on the ferris wheel
A boy and his stuffies about to get on the plane
Family shot amongst the flowers



Linc at SIX

A few things about my little guy at this magical age

  • Kindergarten ready!
  • Soccer goal scorer
  • Loves the song ‘Waymaker’
  • Loves the Lego Avengers
  • Loves playing Xbox with daddy
  • Loves carbs and chicken nuggets
  • When in the bathroom, he always gets an extra paper towel and says ‘for someone else’
  • Always wants to go to other peoples houses for events, even if he just met them
  • Has such natural comedic timing – “this guy”