The next creation(s)…

So 2017…one handy project a month. Budget wife approved. Let’s go!

Have you ever seen these at Walmart? Super functional, right? Keeps kids from making an absolute mess of every ball they can get their hands on. We now have one 🙂

Update coming later – a little ball cage on the side to holder smaller items like tennis balls, whiffle balls (sp), etc 🙂

Also..the second project was these hanging lights that me and my best friend put up on the deck. Romantic mood lighting…and just beautiful to look at with the woods as our background.

PS. The busy board now has LIGHTS 🙂 (even though Emerson wishes they were pink. Me too, hon, me too…Brat :))

On to April’s project next….


We did a really good job this time in managing the diaper transition. We had JUST the right amount of newborn diapers and size 2’s to get our little man to size 3.

I found this little guy lying around today – the last of our size 1 diapers. It looks so tiny.  I can’t help but think if this will ever be worn…third Williams baby ONE day?

TCON week 2017 – better late than never

You probably ALL know this but TCON is the Tennessee State Thespian Conference. It’s now held in Middle Tennessee (at MTSU) after years and years at Germantown High School (doesn’t it make more sense for a state conference to be in the MIDDLE of the state?). Anyway….

I could write this kind of post every week but this one has been extraordinary. Five externally women have helped take care of the kids while Mom (Becky) was away at a conference. So a big thank you again to Jenn Sanders, Patty Twaddle, Andrea Maguire and Arlenda Flannel and Keshia Williams. I wouldn’t have kept my little amount sanity without you.

Note – the week in question was back in January. I had both kids solo for the long MLK weekend and most nights the week before while the wife did rehearsals for both her spring musical AND a performance at said conference.

Dear Firstborn…

Today you turned 3. As of officially about 2 hours ago. It’s weird. I still remember the exact time – 7:54 pm. I wonder if I always will.

My daughter…you are so much like me. Your stubbornness is going to be the stuff of legends. Your running style can only be described as a gallop. Your sweet voices, your oh so smart brain. Your love for princesses and cheese, your desire for everyone to be at peace and not argue. Your use of the word “family” and naming all of us ALL THE TIME just to make sure no one is left out.  Your love of your brother and being the bestest big sister ever.

Just in the past week, the word has changed from “orangen” to “orange”, from “horsie” to “horses”. And all this by the age of 36 months? What will the next 36 bring? The next 36 after that? You’ll be almost double digits by then!

I shudder for the year ahead at times – threenager (that time where they know so much but can’t always verbalize it but it leads to meltdowns).  Patience is going to be a key…and lots of coffee.

It’s hard to believe I ever wanted a boy first and was upset when the appropriate gender was revealed. God has a funny way of giving you what you needed and it’s 100% true with this little love of my life.

Happy 3rd, E.