Brown Bear, Brown Bear

My baby girl is 29 months old…I don’t know where the time has gone. Sometimes it seems like it is going by very slowly (like when she’s sick) and other times, it just flies by (like EVERY weekend and holiday break).

As she gets older, it’s just so apparent that E learns more and more of the things she knows outside the house. The wonderful Brenda who fills in in her daycare room told me on Friday that Emerson likes to “read” Brown Bear, Brown Bear. We have had this book at home for over 2 years and I had not seen her throw more than cursory look at it. I had read it on several occasions but found it kinda boring for a newborn.

Friday night, I pulled it out and put it into the rotation in her bedroom. She has more than a full main bookshelf of stuff to choose from so we switch some in and out for our own sanity sake. Sure enough, she goes through the pages and begins to ask ME what the animals are and the colors are.

The best part of this…I try to encourage her in most things she does. Putting a shoe on the wrong foot. “Great try”. Pouring her own water cup while flooding the kitchen. “Way to go”. Anyway,  there is a rainbow colored page in this book. E points to a blue section and asks me “what’s this”. As I name the color ‘blue’, my little girl looks at me and says “good job” like I’ve probably said to her 155,012 times in her 800+ days on Earth. It took everything in me to not just lose it…especially as she repeated the phrase as I answered her questions about ‘red’ and ‘white’.

She listens….she learns…she loves…and I love her more than she’ll ever know.