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Girl Dad Life

We were hanging out on a pretty regular night at home. I was reading to Lincoln and Emerson came and sat in my lap. Seeing as she’s now 6 1/2 years old and 4 feet tall, I know these days will be over soon. So I obliged and she plopped in.

She turned and looked at me and said “You are just so warm.”

Not 5 seconds later, she farted on me. Like a big one.


Kid Sayings – #2,347

  • When a show they are watching is split into 2 parts – “Dad, it comes with two” – E and L
  • “I’ve never done that before in a long time” – L
  • “I hope everyone at Daddy’s store (Lowe’s) stay healthy”  – L
  • “Wow, that (insert thing here) is the ultimant” (meant to be ultimate) – E

Love these two…so so so very much!

Dad Christmas 2020

I hate pickles…I don’t understand why they exist or people eat them (except the fried ones at Toots).

My daughter loves pickles. She has to get like a hundred on her cheeseburgers. She does not understand why I don’t like them.

So what does she get me for Christmas?


Thoughts from a Brown Girl

It’s interesting to be the head of my household. For so many reasons.  But one of the more interesting ones as the kids get older is the fact that African American is the majority and Caucasian is the minority.  And they are starting to notice it more and more, especially our first grader (hell, the world’s making it incredibly hard NOT to notice these days)

E to Mom: “Brown people are better than those white people. Well, but not you. You’re the best mom. You’re kinda brown”

Lazy Sunday…during COVID

Ever since becoming a Dad, I made a promise. If my kids want to go to church, we will go.

This past Sunday, we were doing our normal weekend morning routine: kids destroying the house and me trying to get the sleep out of my eyes. It had been a busy week and the Titans were playing at noon and I was thinking about just having a chill morning (no church)

All of the sudden, E said “I want to go to church today”.  I hope I didn’t grunt and the first thing I said was “okay”. So we were off to the races.  I hadn’t planned on making them food so quickly or getting them both dressed (Lincoln wanted to come too). I had to figure out if we would allow them back into Gateway Kids for the first time since COVID started. Would one go? Would both go? So many decisions to make.

Of course, we got ready in record time and headed out the door.

I remembered something my Mom did as a kid that was such a small act but it was so consistent that it created a memory that has lasted. We went to church most Sundays growing up. Church was BORING. 1 service and there was no end time – it just ended when it ended. My Mom would always give my sister and me change or money to put in the collection plate. I had no idea what the money was for. I think I wanted the money so I could go buy a new toy or some baseball cards. I don’t think even in all the time I went to that church (even into high school) that I thought about what collections actually were. I knew what tithes were but I didn’t know that a church is kinda a business too (well, they DO have bills to pay).

Anyway, back to church. We are sitting in the old main sanctuary and watching service on a big screen. Just not ready to mingle with the main crowd – plus with both kids there, there was going to be some running around and screen time needed.

At the end of service, I gave them each a few coins to put into the collection plate. It was so busy after service that I didn’t get to explain to them the action and the way. But I will..

And hopefully, it’ll be a memory they will carry with them into their 40’s.



2020 School Year – A Start like no other

Covid-19 | New Scientist

What a strange start to a school year! All the “will they, won’t they” of July. Will school start in person? Will it be partial days or online? Will it be online or remote (yep, those two are different options). I’m glad my wife is a teacher and could help make sense of a lot of it but trying to figure out what to do with a wife and 2 kids all in different aspects of the WCS system was a stressor.
If there are words I could use to describe the kids in all of this, it’s these
  • Adaptability
  • Resilience
  • Fearless
My daughter’s school is staffed with amazing people – from the principal to her teacher. Every level of education is affected by this but a first grader teacher dealing with kids who had their kindergarten year cut short and have heard the words “virus” for months now and probably understand A LITTLE about what is going on. And then you add a teacher in a mask all day to it – and them wearing a mask themselves.
My son’s daycare has been equally great. My boy is more than surviving – he’s THRIVING. Big man on campus style. And he’s getting smarter and smarter by the day. I know boys socialize much later than girls but he has hit this amazing stride. I’m not sure he really cared about missing daycare or his friends during the March – May shutdown period.
My wife…she’s a Rockstar. Not much else to say other than that. But I will…she created a whole online curriculum for an extra class – and then did the remote stuff with Zoom for two weeks. And JUST as she was hitting her stride…hey, all your students are coming back on campus and you have to wear a mask all day.

BW – Job History

It’s time for a job change…while updating my resume, there’s obviously a ton of focus on what I have done at previous companies. I wanted to focus (and catalog) some of the people and things that those jobs gave or taught me.

  • Codigent (later UCR Solutions, later FCG)
    • First job out of college
    • People of note: Rich Watkins, Danny Grigsby, Nate Deason, Paul Aebischer, Rob Dreussi, Matt Berggren (future groomsman), Will Golden, Michael Golden, Keith McLarty
    • 2+ years of almost full-time travel (NY, PA, CO, WA, NM)


  • Devgenics
    • An opportunity arose with some former co-workers from Codigent; career growth
    • People of note: Matt Berggren, the Palakies, Keith McLarty, Van deer Laan and Stocker


  • Gordian Health (later Onlife)
    • First job as a full time .NET developer
    • People of note: Herby DeWees, Jeffrey Johnson, Mark Swickard, Todd Lyles, Jim Crawford


  • Vision Consulting (later Parallon Technology Solutions)
    • Opportunity to create my own platform from scratch – libraries, configurations, portals, etc.
    • Third party consulting
    • People of note: Matt Berggren, the Palakies, Keith McLarty, Anthony Cannon, Doreen Degroff


  • PharmMD (later AdhereHealth)
    • Opportunity to come in and try to help an environment with very little automation, standardization, etc.
    • People of note: Victor Mattingly, Stacey Parker, Chris Wyman, Susie Gilmer, Joe Murphree, Joel Denowski, Celika Peters, Jake Woods, Mike Rezvani, Kempton Presley, Cynthia Sandahl


My son says this with such ferocity that you HAVE to look. And he will keep saying it until you look. I will miss this when he gets older…just a little.

Mom, I apologize for my entire childhood and me and Keshia constantly competing for your attention <3

The Boy

Do you ever pick up something that your kid does that you maybe should have noticed but never did? Nothing big but just a small thing that makes a lot of other things make sense?

We had Krispy Kreme this week to “celebrate” (or mourn) the end of summer. My son had to get a fork to eat his donut. He’s eaten it by hands before. I’m sure of it. But today, he HAD to have a fork. Like he wouldn’t eat it without it.

I don’t consider him a neat freak. If you saw his room, you’d know the opposite is 100% true. He plays in the sand and in the yard all the time. He eats pizza and chicken nuggets by hand (like a good ole American boy). But with his food, he does not like to be STICKY. He ate one in the car yesterday on the way home but that may have been just from sheer hunger and boredom. And he whined about his hands being dirty the whole drive home when he was done. But at home, where he KNEW he had stuff to prevent stickiness…yep.

So I’ll be keeping some wipes on hand in my car from now on.