BW – Job History

It’s time for a job change…while updating my resume, there’s obviously a ton of focus on what I have done at previous companies. I wanted to focus (and catalog) some of the people and things that those jobs gave or taught me.

  • Codigent (later UCR Solutions, later FCG)
    • First job out of college
    • People of note: Rich Watkins, Danny Grigsby, Nate Deason, Paul Aebischer, Rob Dreussi, Matt Berggren (future groomsman), Will Golden, Michael Golden, Keith McLarty
    • 2+ years of almost full-time travel (NY, PA, CO, WA, NM)


  • Devgenics
    • An opportunity arose with some former co-workers from Codigent; career growth
    • People of note: Matt Berggren, the Palakies, Keith McLarty, Van deer Laan and Stocker


  • Gordian Health (later Onlife)
    • First job as a full time .NET developer
    • People of note: Herby DeWees, Jeffrey Johnson, Mark Swickard, Todd Lyles, Jim Crawford


  • Vision Consulting (later Parallon Technology Solutions)
    • Opportunity to create my own platform from scratch – libraries, configurations, portals, etc.
    • Third party consulting
    • People of note: Matt Berggren, the Palakies, Keith McLarty, Anthony Cannon, Doreen Degroff


  • PharmMD (later AdhereHealth)
    • Opportunity to come in and try to help an environment with very little automation, standardization, etc.
    • People of note: Victor Mattingly, Stacey Parker, Chris Wyman, Susie Gilmer, Joe Murphree, Joel Denowski, Celika Peters, Jake Woods, Mike Rezvani, Kempton Presley, Cynthia Sandahl