Not too much going on right now. It’s been a pretty chill and fast month. I finished up my SEVENTH class at MTSU a few weeks ago and am enjoying a little down time.Emerson is back at daycare (and loving it) and Becky is back at work (not so much at love) although she did decide on her spring musical and fall show.

Emerson is getting so big…16 months old now. I don’t know where the time has gone. I love this kid more and more ever yday.

cracker barrel sunday breakfast emerson and richele - 2015 day care family fun time with frozen ice (4) emerson and her sissy doll e playing with her water table (3) emerson at soulshine (2)


This is a date I’ve been looking forward to for some time. My younger sister is getting married on this day (and Emerson gets to be a flower girl). It’s weird that it’s so close and I’m so excited for my sister to start this next step in her life.

It’s hard not to reflect back on all my sister and I have been through and where we are now. I’m so proud of her.

Love you Keshia Williams 🙂

brian and keshia