Carena 2021

A family’s home is important to them. Maybe not to others in the world but to the people that live in the house, it’s almost everything. A place of memories, of gatherings, of safety; of love; of tears.

Becky and I have been mostly quiet about our new home. Neither of us moved as kids. Our kids are now moving before they leave elementary school (or even enter for the little guy). But this move is so much about them and the availability it gives us to their community – and puts us so much closer to our own friends, our jobs, other people, activities we enjoy. It’s pretty much a slam dunk (though this is the exact opposite of where we thought we’d wind up) And I am so ready for this next phase of our lives to begin.
Thank you God for this. I never thought this was a possibility….so much of these last 10 years have been beyond anything I could have imagined.
I hope to share this home soon once we get a few boxes out of the way.
For us…it’s gonna be everything.