A visit to Gigi’s

I keep wanting to sing the old nursery rhyme “off to grandmother’s we go” (is that from Little Red Riding Hood?). Anyway, I realized I hadn’t been to Memphis in the calendar year of 2015 – even though I’d seen my family in numerous other locations – Atlanta for my sister’s wedding, Nashville for her wedding shower (and E visits) and Jackson for a quick meetup. So with Becky gone to Iowa for the weekend, me and Emerson got in the car and drove down I-40 for an overnight trip.

Emerson LOVED it!  She was a little hesitant at first and did her normal yelling at “strangers” but within hours, she was going for walks down the street with Gigi and laughing and pointing at pictures of PopPop. We didn’t do anything big but just hung out. We went to this neat little park twice and got her good and tired.

gigi and emerson on a fun fall day (4) E at the park in arlington (4) E at the park in arlington (1) truck beds are fun! (3) getting a snack in her high chair ponytail happy E and happier Gigi (1)

I hope her memory of this trip lasts a long time and it was so great to see my mom playing with her like she probably played with me 30+ years ago.

Bye Bye to the apples at Breeden

Becky and I have been going apple picking each fall for at least 5 years. We have taken Emerson for the last two. All of these experiences have been at Breeden’s in Mt Juliet. Unfortunately, this is the last year they will be doing apples. They do peaches in the summer but we have not gone there yet because it’s just too hot normally.
We made the most of it this year. E got to choose her own apples and enjoy a wagon ride (note to self – she is hard to pull uphill nowadays) and we got some apple slushes and fall treats. Great way to kick off fall! Now to make some apple crisps!

E's first apple slush - in love (2) family time at the orchard (2) family pic at the orchard (1) E roaming around the orchard (1) e putting apples in the basket wagon time at the orchard



Becky, Emerson and I traveled to Denver over the weekend to visit with Jace, AnneMarie and Travis among others. It was a much needed getaway trip with friends and family.

While there, we were also able to meet up with Cousin David, Aunt Mildred Jean and the Parker family. We got to see Amber Harper too! Whirlwind weekend – glad we took off on Friday to have more time for more fun.

Cubbie fan E E and Jace checking out the party me, doc webb and emerson how we fly - me and E (1) outside playtime for jace and E (3) E, jace and the dog best friends checking out a game (2) E and the fence hole (1) Jace and E playing (3) E the drummer firegirl E high chair seat buddies (2) jace and E at snacktime (1) E about to go through security at BNA