No one ever told me how hard the second kid would be. Even if L had been like E, I think it would have been hard.  But this is just something else sometimes.

Two hands and one kid – they fit. I never know how much of a hands-on Dad I was. Verbal communication isn’t always a strong suit of mine when I can just grab and do. I can multi-task for days but trying to get one kid to get their shoes on while spending 15 minutes rocking the other to sleep or feeding a bottle – not my strong suit. Goes without saying that the almost 30 minute screaming fit we get EVERY SINGLE DAY from L is just draining.

There are moments still when I wonder if I am the right Dad for my boy – moments I never had with the girl. And it’s a wonder because I so strongly wanted the boy first. God, are you laughing up there? You gave me this kid so I will love him through this and raise him the best that I can.