I normally am not on my phone when I’m with the family. It’s just something I consciously try to avoid so they get as much of my attention as I can give them. That often puts me working late at night or catching up on person emails after hours but it’s a sacrifice I am glad to make. If I could, I’d go back to the days of the flip-phone. Remember when you had an answering machine and someone couldn’t get a hold of you while you were away from home?

Anyway, E and I were playing with her kitchen garage yesterday. I was catching up on a mix of Facebook and some work emails that I thought were important. The kid was mixing up some imaginary concoction with a spatula and a cup. All of the sudden she looks at me and says in the most serious tone “phone up daddy”. This from my kid who I’m pretty sure would watch Peppa Pig or play Fisher Price Little People apps or watch YouTube videos (that she can navigate herself) all day.

You wouldn’t believe how quickly that phone went into my pocket and didn’t come back out until after bedtime.


Growing up…

Another fun morning at the Williams house. It really is the little stuff that gets you sometimes.

This morning E was brushing her teeth and reached for the toothpaste and said “more”. Very clearly. Now, she’s been saying “mo” or maybe even “mor” for months now but this was a very clear and defined “More”. Her vocabulary is exploding and I’m loving the word definition and usage. She’s up to some 4 word sentences. I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like in 6 months but for now I’ll just enjoy this fun little phase.


Today I tried to sleep in a few extra minutes…well I knew I would really just lay in bed and rest. Well, Becky gets Emerson out of her crib and she runs to my side of the bed, crawls up and plops herself up on my chest and stares into my face. She says “hi Daddy” in a voice that I can only compare to an angel. She was just so sweet and perfect and just wanted to say good morning to me…even though she had seen me just a few hours earlier when she woke up in the middle of the night.

I love this kid…and these crazy silly mornings.


I’ve had this thought in my head recently and it just keeps coming back. I love Emerson just because she IS. Because she exists. Because she was created. Because she’s here with us in the world. It’s not for anything that she does or doesn’t do. I love this kid just because she is LIFE.