New Sport – Basketball!

The kids started basketball for the first time this winter (indoor sports for the win). I misread the league information – or maybe it changed after we signed up?) but instead of being the older kids in their group, they are both the youngest.

Linc is in a 6-7 year old group and Emerson is in a 8-10. They are both such good teammates and such good champs for trying new stuff. I am coaching Emerson’s team out of necessity so I’m not sure who was nervous the first meeting – the players or me. It was a new site, new people, new sport.

Linc is playing on a team with his BFF, one of our family friends and a soccer teammate so his level of familiarity is strong. He works so hard at it and I’m so so so proud of his progress. He’s still a tad small for his size but he has found a way to get that ball into the basket. He’s made both a free throw and a basket so far – halftime is what’s called a free throw frenzy where the players shoot to add points to their total. PS. What a great idea. Some players may be afraid to shoot when getting guarded or just anxious in a game but just about anyone can shoot a free throw.