Emerson’s teeth journey

Tooth #1 – 5/26/2019

This one came out right before our Disney Trip. She was supposed to be napping but must have just been wiggling her tooth because she came running out of her room with tooth in hand. There was no nap this day 🙂

Tooth #2 – 10/3/2019

This one came out right before school. We were all excited to see it!

Tooth #3 – 4/14/20 

This one came out while she was brushing her teeth before bed.

Tooth #4 – 5/10/20 

E wiggled this one out. It had been dangling for a while. She watched herself in the mirror.

Tooth #5 – 7/20/20

This one came out during our trip to Soundwaves. We were in the hotel and the tooth fairy came to the hotel.

Tooth #6 – 8/30/20

This one Becky pulled out. It had been hanging around for a bit and nature wasn’t doing its thing. This is the first time she’s had two out at the same time (the gaps are filling in fast though!)


Tooth 7 – 9/9/2021

She lost this tooth at school! First time happening there! She was eating some Vanilla Wafers for a snack and out it came.

Tooth 8 – 10/6/2021

Emerson lost this one at dinner. We didn’t even know she had one that was this loose. And it was quite the day so I’m sure this was a great way to end it!



Tooth 9 – 7/14/2023

Emerson lost it after performance day at YAY Camp. It was hanging on at the end but a piece of popcorn did the trick 🙂


Tooth 10 – 9/7/2023

Lost at school. This one was a fast one to come out! Her teacher gave her a little pocket to put it in but we lost it in the car! Darnit!

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