Things to Never Forget

I have a 7 year old…that hasn’t quite fully sunk in. When people ask me my kids ages, I still start off with “6 year old girl and 4 year old boy”.

There are things that Emerson does that I will forget as the years pass by. Little quirks and character features that will probably go away as she gets older. But a few I want to hold onto forever. And here’s a few

1) She loves pinatas. Like is addicted. So much so that she got one for her Mom’s 40th birthday. But it was NOT for her mother
2) She loves jackets. What kid loves jackets? She has a gray one that is beyond filthy that she wears every day. Sometimes, it’ll be 75 degrees and she’ll walk out of school with it on.
3. Gum, mints – she’s like her dad and just wants something to taste at all times.

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