Sports Dad (and my 2 new fans)


My daughter and I starred this thing a few years ago and it started getting official last season.

For the Tennessee Titans (our favorite NFL team), we do a weekly notebook entry. It’s got your basics – the final score, stickers with each teams logos and the week number. It was kinda a fun way to encourage her growing language and writing skills but it just became fun.

If you know me, you know that sports is one of the things I love most in this world. I used to play them a ton as a kid in the neighborhood and in video game form in college. I’ve cheered on the vols and Titans with a passion that borders on ivscene. I’ve cried when my team has lost and had whole weekends ruining.

It’s pretty awesome to have my oldest be into something I love. She doesn’t watch the games the same way I do – or even the whole game. But that she engages at all is pretty sweet.

Oh, and Lincoln totally gets in on the Williams Family touchdown celebration dance (no pictures, please)

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