I’m so excited to watch L and E grow up together.

E is a big sister like I am a big brother. Instead of the almost 6 year difference between my sister and I, E will only have about 2.5 years between them. My sister and I never shared the same school or ride the same bus. My children will. This is all so fascinating to think about as I’ve never known anything except my own experience.

It has been fascinating to see the gentle care my 2 year old has for her brother. This crazy kid, who gets mad and will smack me and her mother and throw tantrums that would make a dictator mad, turns into a softie when she “speaks” to and about her brother. She’ll shoosh you if you are too loud or tell you that he’s sleeping. I don’t know where she got this from – it’s like an innate part of their being offspring of the same parents.

Now onto my own sister…travel is going to be difficult for Becky and I the next few years. Heck, even a trip to Target takes twice as long as it used to. This weekend, K came to visit with her husband to meet her new nephew. She’s now got a niece and a nephew! My 30 year old sister is an AUNT. Anyway, seeing them together is just…beyond words. And E saying their names in her little voice was just the pay off of so many books read, picture albums looked at and just….time. Time together.

I so look forward to watching all these bonds grow – for the rest of my life.

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