Lincoln says – Summer/Fall 2021 Edition

He just informed me that our house has 3 bath tubs – 2 upstairs and 1 downstairs (yep, I was aware of that bud :))


“What, I’m not an octopus?” (when you are coming back from daycare pickup and work and he’s carrying his cup and you are carrying a coffee cup, backpack, work bag, purse, keys, wallet, etc)







“I can smell some Pringles” –  I was not aware Pringles had a scent








He’s been REALLY into football this season. When the players get together to huddle, he says “ooh, they are making up a plan”


Out of bounds is “out of balance” – I just can’t correct this one…


“Uh oh, he was going to die them” – about Camp Cretaceous and dinosaurs (a current favorite)



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