The calendar of life flipped today and I went from a certain age to a certain age that might equal 4 x 10. I have not necessarily been looking forward to this day – being the center of attention isn’t really my thing anymore and it’s just such a BIG milestone. I’ve accomplished more with my life than I ever could have imagined sitting in my bedroom at Hallshire Drive I have had more joyous moments and laughter than I probably deserve and memories to last a lifetime if I stopped making them today.

My wife and kids always make everything so special. Just that they exist in this world…and that they love. They LOVE and have such beautiful hearts. I may be the head of household and the wearer of the pants and the spiritual leader but they fill me with such…peace. Peace isn’t probably a strong enough word. They fill my cup…my days, my nights, my life. I always said jokingly that I wanted to have kids so someone would finish a game of Monopoly with me (because they;d have to). I’m not everyone’s cup of tea but I am theirs and they are mine. I am loved and I can give love.

So back to 40…I love numbers and I take things in chunks. 10 years ago…I was unmarried and had no kids. Engagement was a thought on my mind but I couldn’t have imagined having kids as cool and unique as E and L. And now I have a KINDERGARTENER who is smart as a whip.

Thankful…and blessed….

-Brian W

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