Birthday 2017

Goes to show you how busy life has been that this post is well over a month old…oh well, here’s the 2017 edition of Brian’s Birthday.

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
  • Steak dinner with Murfeesboro friends and families (carrot cake) – on Saturday
  • Steak dinner with Maguire Family (more carrot cake) – on Sunday
  • Cinnamon roll breakfast from kids and wifey
  • Awesome bday cards from kiddos and wife
  • Red Robin dinner with E
  • Cupcake at Gigi’s with E
  • Gifts – Lowe’s gift card for my new woodworking, new auto opening trash can(the small things)
  • I got to pick our movie that night – Lion (Oscar list)
  • Sam and Zoe’s Breakfast with the family
  • Concord Park fun – sliding, ampitheater, running around!

And here are the freebies I used:

  • Zaxby’s Nibbler (always)
  • Starbucks free coffee (it’s gotta be a venti!)
  • Gigi’s cupcake
  • Kohl’s $5 in free cash (of course I bought something for the kids)

To Use:

  • Free bang bang at Bonefish (can’t wait!)

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