Little Girls and Princesses

My little princess got to see her Mom’s production of Cinderella today. It was magical to hear her whisper little things to me throughout and sit on my lap to see a few scenes (where’s the stadium seating, Independence High School??? J/K).

I made sure she did a little extra clapping and yelled out “Yeah Mommy’s Play!” a few times. I thought we’d leave at intermission just due to exhaustion and sitting still but she begged to stay – so we stayed – and she sat at full attention for the longest I’ve ever witnessed my almost 3 year old.

It’s not been an easy start to 2017. While Becky helps lead other people’s kids, I spend most of my time raising ours on my own. It’s very neat though to see Emerson appreciate something that her mother has worked so hard on and literally poured herself into. And it’s great to see her recognize some of the students who have babysat her, picked her up from daycare and become a part of her little world. And when she recognizes one of the “big kids” on stage, it’s just…cool. Amazing. My little girl is becoming a big person in this big world right in front of my eyes.

Impossible things are happening every day and may they never stop.


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