Sparkle Lucy Williams

We are officially a pet family (no, I will never call us a family of 5). Sparkle is Emerson’s first pet, a Galaxy Koi Male fish. We got her for her upcoming 6th birthday and kinda sped up the timeline a bit with this extended now 3 week spring break thanks to COVID-19.

Seeing her face light up when she first saw it…priceless. She was jumping up and down and had to share him with Lincoln. She called me  “the best daddy”. About the best reaction I could have asked for. She’s already checked on him before her own bedtime and gave him his first meal of pellets. I’m going to get her a little magnifying glass because even with her head pressed up against the glass, she can’t “see him close enough” 🙂 

Side note: thank god for all the technology in the world today. I can set Alexa to remind me to change the water and  feed the dang thing.

Welcome to the family, Sparkle!