Higher Learning…

I have now joined the rank of my family members with advanced degrees. My grandfather, Elmer Clay Burnett, was an educated man and surrounded himself with educated people. Out of my directs aunts and uncles, I can count at least 5 masters degrees and probably a doctorate or two as well.

After my sister finished law school (and I am still so so SO proud of her for that), I decided that I’d finally start on my own Masters in Information Systems. I mean, what’s a little sibling rivalry to drive you? In all honesty, I had taken the GMAT 5 years prior but was traveling a lot at the time so it just wasn’t feasible for me and I really wanted the in-class experience (Funny story – the only class I got a “W” on was a class I tried to do online even though that should have been much more convenient).

Anyway, this journey began with the spring semester of 2013. Becky and I were still technically newlyweds. On the date of my last class, June 28th, 2016, Becky and I are 50ish months into married life and our baby boy will be here to join our toddler girl in just a few weeks. I knew I would finish…it’s not in my nature to quit something I start but I can’t believe this journey is over. I took the slow road in getting there but what a satisfying feeling it is to have gotten this DONE.

Thanks to all those who helped along the way from words of encouragement to watching E to helping Becky out on my nights away. Party and celebration time!!!