He is here!

Meet my son, the 4th member of the Williams family!

LINCOLN CLAY WILLIAMS. A little longer than his sister and a little more trim but a perfect fit for the 3 of us!



Every day heroes 

In the summer filled with superheroes at the movie theater, sometimes think about the ones in your every day life. St. Thomas Midtown hospital has some of the most amazing nurses in their baby unit- pre and post. I honestly don’t know how they hire such perfect people for this job. I mean, grace and humor at 3 am?

We had repeat encounters with a few people in anesthesiology but also and met the wonderful Ashley, Kristin, Paige and Karen who all made our worries less and our second birthing experience a marvel. I can’t imagine two more different visits. It’s weird that we may never see them again but they had such a huge influence on this important time in our lives. 

Thank you to all my nurse friends, no matter what you practice. You deserve to be on the big screen….
Update: gotta add Leslie to the list