This past weekend will go down as one that will not soon be forgotten. About 13 months ago, Becky and I visited the Harpers in Colorado. We were shocked to be asked to be the godparents to their soon-to-be born little boy. We found out we were pregnant LITERALLY the day after returning from that trip so we had to delay the baptism until we could travel with our little bundle of joy safely (is travel with a baby on an airplane really safe or smart? And we DID look up how far it would be to drive-17 hours….hmmm…)

Back to the subject…on Sunday, September 28th, 2014, I stood beside my best friend and his wife with my wife and welcomed Jace into the community of baptized Christians. Also in attendance were about 25+ family members of Jace’s from all over the USA – Tennessee, Georgia, Illinois and a few others.

I am so glad to be his godfather and try to help him out where I can in this crazy world. In a way…he’ll help to keep ME on track as I go through my own spiritual journey.

Sorry no pics as the church wouldn’t allow them but enjoy the photos from Jace’s first birthday party weekend – it was definitely THE EVENT of the Arvada social season 🙂 AnneMarie did a phenomenal job – she deserves a few days off, a hot bath and a massage!