Visitors…and Life

There is one thing that being a dad and even being an expectant dad has brought into my life. I have closed my circle of friends and family. One unexpected part of that is that the people inside that circle are more important and valued than ever. Friends who I would normally go weeks without seeing and days without talking to, I now want to see all the time.

GiGi came to visit this past weekend. The weekend flew by so quickly without us really doing anything. Showing my mom the new house and watching her hold my daughter was more than amazing. Epic? Legendary? Yeah, I think the last one applies.

mom lounging with e
GiGi with her first

Keshia came to visit the weekend after my daughter was born. Past trips included going out for margaritas or a fancy restaurant. I think all 4 meals we had were takeout. And the trip was amazing.

keshia and emerson
Aunt Keshia falling in love

It’s so great how the roles of people in your life and your loved ones lives change so drastically.  Becky is now a mom and a wife. My mother is now a grandmother just like Emma Jean was to me. Keshia is now an aunt just like my Aunts (Jean, Elsie, Gretta, etc). And they are all perfect for the jobs as mine were before me.

Life is kinda funny like that huh?