Before you call the cops…

Before you call the cops, I just want you to know.

The first thing I did today was push my sleeping son’s foot out of my face.

I was raised in the South in Memphis, TN.

I love the Tennessee Titans, Chicago Cubs and Tennessee Volunteers.

I’m a Christian (Southern Baptist to be precise).

I volunteer in Sunday School at my church.

I coach youth soccer.

I volunteered in my daughter’s kindergarten class room.

My favorite snack is Orange Slices.

I prefer vanilla over chocolate (and peanut butter over both).

I have 2 college degrees; both from MTSU.

I love my kids more than I ever thought I could – and that’s a lot.

I have been happily married for almost 10 years to a woman who loves me with a fiery passion.

If you saw me in my car, I might be jamming to Ludacris…or Hamilton…or the soundtrack to Bring It On.

I like to travel. I’ve only got 10 states to go before I have seen all 50. I’ve never been in a gang.

I hate that people could be threatened of me because of the color of my skin. If I could change that, I would.

I am a black man. I am a proud Black man. I am a dad, a husband, a cousin, a brother, a son and a friend. Does any of this really matter? No.

I just wanted you to get to know me better. Before you call the cops.

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